Zero Hazard, LLC

What We Do:

We are committed to the removal of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) in surfacing, thermal system insulation (TSI), and miscellaneous identified applications. Guarantee of zero airborne particles/fibers for immediate and safe reoccupied work zones right after the final clearance of aggressive air sampling.

We have special experience and expertise in the following frequently requested asbestos removal services:

  • Asbestos Ceiling Removal
  • Asbestos Duct Removal
  • Asbestos Pipe & Boiler Removal
  • Asbestos Roof Removal
  • Asbestos Flooring Removal
  • Asbestos Taping Compound Removal

We invest in the best equipment to ascertain proper, timely and cost effective cleaning projects. We are committed to quality workmanship.

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How We Work:

No matter what type of asbestos-containing material you may have on your property or where it may be located, we can create and implement a plan for safe and thorough asbestos removal.

  • We apply for permit (if required).
  • Arrive at house.
  • Isolate work area from occupied areas.
  • Workers enter the area protected by suits and respirators (PPE).
  • Asbestos materials are safely removed from home.
  • Clean work area by wet wiping and HEPA vacuuming.
  • Pass an air clearance test to confirm sufficiency of work done by 3rd-party.
  • Provide you with a clearance report.
  • Dismantle containment.
  • Allow you to reoccupy work area.

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Why Us:

Our skilled, licensed technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment including mobile containment units, decrabators to remove flooring materials and membranes, and shotblasting equipment for stripping floor tile mastic and carpet adhesives.

We approach each project with a cooperative mindset, working with clients toward the common goal – successful project delivery. Our diverse portfolio ensures that each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise. Through technical skill and know-how, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives, and deliver top-notch projects.

We devote daily effort to researching and implementing new technologies to increase safety while reducing time and labor costs resulting in top-quality workmanship, efficiency, professionalism, and competitive pricing.

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Mandetory Air Quality Testing:

Air Quality testing is performed throughout all removal projects. Because an independent testing firm performs all analysis, you are assured of an unbiased determination of safety levels. In addition, we keep you updated at each stage of the project to answer any questions and eliminate concerns. When the project is complete, you receive air test results, waste shipment records, and other pertinent documentation in a timely manner.